Are you an aspiring leader working in housing? We would like to help you go all the way to the boardroom.

Raising Roofs' aim is to ensure that the sector benefits from the wealth of talented staff in housing associations of all sizes.

Purpose of Raising Roofs. Our aim is:

To develop the talent pool of future leaders

To encourage younger, diverse candidates to apply for board positions

To improve governance by making social landlords more forward and outward looking

Working with leading board experts, inside and outside housing, you will learn:

What it means to be a board member

Different leadership styles

How to get the message right

Finance and development in the board room

How boards look at growth opportunities

The future is NOW! Career planning for a board role

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.@natfednews backed @RaisingRoofs has recommenced, designed to get young people ready for joining a social landlord’s board - #ukhousing

We're not at #NHFBoards; recovering from an intensive two days preparing future #ukhousing leaders for the boardroom.
In 2016, @insidehousing reported only 4 board members from a survey of over 1,000 were under 30. One to think about... #RaisingRoofs
@natfedevents @natfednews

Thanks to the @Twitter action around the #RaisingRoofs programme over the past couple of days, we have just topped 200 followers for the first time. We were 170 at the beginning of the week. Welcome No. 200 @nathaneprice and all new and loyal followers, stay tuned in #boardready

It's a pleasure @TamsinStirling1 to have indirectly caused an up-tick in your Twitter following. Really don't know how @Alison_Inman has ears everywhere. At #RaisingRoofs we discussed SM influencers and I mentioned Alison... she wasn't in the room, but tunes in #scary #SixthSense

I have just got home after having a really inspiring two days in London with @RaisingRoofs at @natfednews - I feel full of passion and excitement! I can’t wait for day 3 next month. #RaisingRoofs

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