Meet The Team

The Raising Roofs programme has been created by Ruth Sacks and David Levenson. The programme is administered by Joyce Osei. Raising Roofs is co-promoted and sponsored by the National Housing Federation.

Ruth Sacks

Programme Director, Co-Founder

Ruth is one of the co-creators of Raising Roofs™ and Principal Consultant at Boardroom Focus. Ruth works on a range of strategic change assignments, leadership development and diversity related projects. Ruth is also exploring ways to address the challenges of the multi-generational organisation.

Previously for Westminster Business School, Ruth instigated a number of leadership programmes featuring original and effective approaches to senior professional development.

Ruth conceived, launched and ran the acclaimed Women for the Board Programme: successfully promoting women’s development at top levels.

Ruth is currently a Director at the GreenSpring Educational Trust and Chair of the Performance & General Purposes Committee.

David Levenson

Housing Advisor, Co-Founder

David is an accredited executive coach and career strategy coach. He founded Coaching Futures in 2016 with the aim of transforming people’s lives, careers and goals.

David is one of the co-creators of Raising Roofs™. He is passionate about the workplace of the future and fascinated by how technology is rapidly changing the way we work.

David spent 25 years in social housing, as Group Finance Director of Genesis Housing Association and Network Homes. He has been a board member for over twenty years and has a well-rounded knowledge of the worlds of business, finance, charities, the public sector and other not-for-profit organisations.

Joyce Osei

Programme Co-ordinator

Joyce is a business development expert specialising in marketing, brand management and events planning. She forged her career in the business-to-business world with global publishing companies UBM, Incisive Media and Caspian Media.

Joyce has joined the Raising Roofs team to support the participants and oversee marketing and administration of the programme.

Nowadays, Joyce works within the Diversity and Inclusion arena, working on behalf of pioneering business owners who organise and host conferences that shine a light on gender and ethnicity imbalances in the private sector as well as supporting multi-generational diversity in the workplace.