Kate Henderson - how she first heard about Raising Roofs

Chief Executive, National Housing Federation


Raising Roofs participants talking about why you should apply for the next programme

Ijay Onyechi, Peabody - Raising Roofs participant 2019

Raising Roofs participants talking about the benefits of the programme

Francis Gater, JLL - Raising Roofs participant 2019

Natalie Treadwell

WM Housing

“Raising Roofs is one of those programmes where you don’t realise until afterwards just how much you have learned from it.”

Natalie Cummings

Curo Group

“Raising Roofs has given me the opportunity to realise my full potential, grow my confidence and has given me the tools be a great future leader, making a real difference in the sector.”

David Berrill

GreenSquare Group

“Being part of Raising Roofs has helped me to realise the valuable contribution that I could make at Board level, and then given me the tools, knowledge, and motivation to start striving to do it.”

Ahmed Abdulmalek

Irwell Valley Homes

“The opportunity to meet with so many experienced board members and draw from their experiences is invaluable in understanding what I need to do and has re-affirmed my decision that my end goal is to become a board member in the future.”

Vicky Askey

Longhurst Group

“Raising Roofs is a great programme and has provided me with a real and valuable insight into the world of the Board room. The programme design has been excellent, allowing space and opportunity for me to develop personally and to really benefit first hand from the knowledge and experience of great leaders, both in and out of the housing sector.”

Emma Solomons

Crown Simmons

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Raising Roofs sessions and having the opportunity to meet a variety of different professionals, within housing and also other sectors.

What I’ve taken away from this course is choosing the right organisation to work for as a non-executive director.  It is just as important as for your day job!”

Sean Ellam

First Choice Oldham

“I have taken a lot from the programme from David, Ruth, the other participants and also the raft of great speakers you have managed to bring into our learning experience.

I have grown to have a much greater appreciation for my own abilities through working closely with everyone involved in the programme, understanding the unique complexities of different boards and their make ups.”


Tina Barnard

Chief Executive
Watford Community Housing Trust

“Raising Roofs has been beneficial in helping our participant consider governance and our decision-making processes, thereby improving the quality of his reports to both the Executive and Group Board – a win-win for us all.”

Howard Toplis

Chief Executive

“We are delighted to have been involved with the first Raising Roofs programme.  Our participant, Dave has gained so much by being on the programme as evidenced by a presentation he gave about it to our board.

In addition, we have had two other members of Raising Roofs attend one of our board meetings as observers.  It has been a great experience for all of us.”

Kate Still

Chief Operating Officer
WM Housing

“The programme has really built the confidence of our two attendees which we can already see paying dividends for them personally, but also in their day to day roles in the organisation.”

Lynn Stubbs

Executive Director of People & Performance
Longhurst Group

“It’s been a fantastic experience mentoring one of my team on the Raising Roofs programme. Seeing someone grow and develop their skills and thinking and gain inspiration from others is always a joy.”

Paul Yates

Chief Executive
Crown Simmons

“The programme has been extremely interesting and varied with a stellar line-up of speakers. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to support a delegate on the programme and we’re also benefiting from some new thinking.”


Ann Santry

Former Chief Executive
Sovereign Housing

“I strongly support the Raising Roofs initiative and was really impressed by the calibre and enthusiasm of the participants. It is an excellent investment both for the sector and for individuals.”

Richard Petty

Lead Director, Residential Advisory
JLL Residential

“I hugely enjoyed giving my session on being an effective board member – it gave me a chance to talk about something different from my professional norm, and about which I care, to a challenging and passionate group of delegates who were fully engaged throughout and who clearly trusted each other.  It was a real privilege to take part.”


Andrew Murray

Partner, Head of Social Housing
Winckworth Sherwood

“Preparing and equipping the leaders of tomorrow is vitally important to the long-term future of the sector, and at Winckworth Sherwood we are thrilled to be part of the Raising Roofs programme.”


Richard Petty

Lead Director, Residential Advisory
JLL Residential

“With our partnership with Raising Roofs we’re excited to play a role in shaping and preparing the housing leaders of tomorrow.”

David Orr

Former Chief Executive
National Housing Federation
Board Member Clarion Group

“High quality governance is critical to the future success of housing associations. Our boards are strengthened by diversity – of experience, culture, age, background. Raising Roofs is a great programme to help to deliver great and diverse boards.”

Gill Payne

Executive Director, Public Impact
National Housing Federation

“The National Housing Federation is delighted to endorse the Raising Roofs programme.
Our sector is changing fast, with many new challenges ahead. Supporting young people to be “board ready” and encouraging fresh perspectives is key to achieving greater diversity and central to the future success of our sector.”